Although the government quickly blamed the Islamic State

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canada goose outlet sale MORE:Timeline of major bombings in TurkeyInvestigators later found a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a canada goose outlet handgun and two grenades on the bodies, according to canada goose outlet hong kong the state run Anadolu news service. Raids at two addresses also uncovered encrypted organizational documents canada goose outlet winnipeg address and computer files, the news agency said.Although the government quickly blamed the Islamic State, there was no immediate claim of responsibility by the extremist group, which did not mention the bloodshed on its social media sites Wednesday. However, an infographic released to celebrate the second anniversary of its self proclaimed caliphate claimed to have units in Turkey and other countries.Islamic State, however, rarely claims attacks in Turkey. canada goose outlet sale

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I’m in the ICU. I can’t breathe. Parts of the army have begun to look too much like commercial enterprises. What business has the army to run bakeries and food outlets? Lahore’s army owned Fortress Stadium has nothing of any fortress about it. It is now an ugly shopping mall.

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