At marine binoculars the rangefinder does not work with laser

What was going on here was a Greenpeace protest, and the issue currently getting members of the environmental organization’s ponytails into knots was over how Nestle’s use of palm oil was contributing to the destruction of the Indonesian rainforest. It was a situation that required delicate diplomacy, and in order for Nestle to avoid coming off like an unfeeling, sugary leviathan of greed, the PR folks merely needed to display at least the pretense of sympathy and tact. Unfortunately, the individual they assigned to carry out this mission responded with the grace of a grumpy Bill Murray recovering from a hangover..

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There you have it. Let’s refocus. What if we practiced removing attention from what drains us, and choose to take proactive steps towards what revitalizes? In Maryde’s case, I asked her to list all the ‘shoulds, oughts,’ and conventions which have seduced her away from her own well being.

The story circulated in Rachel Wammack’s promotional materials was that she was discovered performing in a piano bar by a label executive and if she’d been born into a different musical generation, she might’ve been viewed as a potential celine bag replica uk pop heir to Sarah McLachlan or Kelly Clarkson. In her first single “Damage,” Wammack acknowledged lasting relational wounds with a swelling display of compassion and composure reminiscent of McLachlan. As to where she fits in the changing landscape, Spotify put her on its Country Coffeehouse playlist, alongside Townes, McKenna, Musgraves and an assortment of acts who might ordinarily be classified as indie folk, roots rock, the pop side of bluegrass or the gentle side of country.

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