My first experience meeting other religious Buddhist Americans

canada goose outlet What struck a chord with me about all this was simply the fact that so many of these writings were about the experiences of American Buddhists, or if not, foreign Buddhists, but almost never Buddhist Americans who grew up both in America, and in a Buddhist household.As a Buddhist American I just wanted to share some of my experiences growing up and point out a few observations I’ve made throughout my life, but for this article, let’s just focus on one observation: devoutness.It is not much of a shock that so many writings and commentaries done by Americans about Buddhism are done by those who grew up with another religion and then converted later in life. Growing up in a highly religious Buddhist family, and being religious myself, one of the chief observations I have made is just how rare it is for Buddhist Americans to be devout.Throughout primary school I’ve met numerous people who have said they were Buddhist, but most of them couldn’t even name the five precepts, and even fewer realized that Heaven and Nirvana are not the same thing. If they were practicing Buddhists at all, it was because they went to temple every once in a while for holidays, and that’s about it.I spent seven years in grade school, two years in middle school, and four years in a high school of almost 4,000 students, and I’m pretty convinced I was the only Buddhist American at any of those schools who was even the slightest bit religious.My first experience meeting other religious Buddhist Americans, outside of my temple, was in college, with the campus Buddhist club. canada goose outlet

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