They may lose loved ones now and then but ultimately moved on

maria valdez

canada goose outlet eu You canada goose outlet store uk know, I always see people saying that Nico probably wears only black because he wants to look badass or becaude canada goose outlet black friday he emo or something related to being a canada goose outlet in usa child of Hades, but, seriously, has anyone ever thought that maybe Nico is always wearing black because he still not over Bianca death? canada goose outlet eu

canada goose outlet belgium she raps really well????like once, as a joke, leo shows canada goose jacket outlet her hollywood undead canada goose black friday sale and Eminem and shit and the next day she shocks everyone by challenging some poor apollo kid (probs will) to a rap battleshe wins canada goose outlet belgium

canada goose outlet washington dc shes really good at painting and nico tells her canada goose outlet store to paint on the walls of hiss cabin to make it more cheerful(she ends up painting a picture of Bianca and Maria above Nico bed and he cries)persephone adores her after a whileher favorite movie is definitely Spiritof course she cant really talk to hades/pluto since she isnt supposed to be alive, but sometimes random objects, like movies, books and in one case, a credit card, canada goose outlet are left for her randomly. I took my time, I hydrated and I answered this request last since I knew you probably wouldn mind the wait since we get along so well. I loved this idea and I have loads of HC but lets see how many I can write down for now : canada goose outlet washington dc

canada goose jacket outlet uk The stone was actually found in the very core of Mount Olympus (how someone extracted it no one knew) but being constantly surrounded by Magic it gained some very special properties. canada goose jacket outlet uk

canada goose outlet real Originally the Olympians wanted it destroyed because this sort of power was too dangerous to have but they couldn go near it. If they did it pained them too much. canada goose outlet real

Why? Mostly because the Olympians didn need it. They were immortal and even though it was a good idea to destroy it the decision wasn theirs to make. They may lose loved ones now and then but ultimately moved on.

canada goose outlet in new york The stone was originally used for saying goodbyes to loved ones for those who didn have the chance. Even for advice at times. canada goose outlet in new york

canada goose outlet london Then people started using it canada goose outlet new york city too much. Disputes started and finally one of the Greek Heroes chucked it in an ocean abyss where no one could find it. It became (like all Greek legends) a myth. canada goose outlet london

Moving Forward : The war with Kronos goes without event but the war with Gaea isn so simple. She manages to extract it from the ocean depths even though she is also a goddess.

She uses it to bait the Seven because they are so tempted to go for the stone.

Hazel wants to see her Mother and Sammy. Leo want to see Esperanza Valdez and Frank has his own mom and grandma he wants to see. Jason never met his mother so his temptation is the strongest. Piper always looked up to her grandfather and he had such valuable advice that she is tempted too. Percy knows his mother would want to see her own parents so he tempted for the stone canada goose outlet nyc as well. He and Annabeth also want to canada goose outlet online talk to the fallen heroes of the Kronos war especially Luke. When Nico finds out he wants to cry because his mother and Bianca are so close and Reyna just wants to see her father for one last time the way he was before he went crazy.

canada goose outlet winnipeg address They are so desperately tempted and Gaea keeps whispering to them in their dreams that it completely unguarded (although the Seven doubt it) and everyday there is this unspoken tension because its all it takes in canada goose outlet parka each of them not to pounce on the control board and change their direction towards canada goose outlet reviews the canada goose outlet uk sale stone which is in a direction directly opposite to Greece. canada goose outlet winnipeg address

canada goose outlet in montreal They fight with their wills so hard they want to break down crying because they have seen loss more than anyone no matter who it be. They are tired and stressed Canada Goose Outlet and want to see those who they once relied on even if they don remember them. Even if they were never close to them. canada goose outlet in montreal

canada goose jacket uk Even during the fight Gaea baits them. She creates illusions of the stone to distract the Seven from fighting. The real stone is actually retrieved by Reyna, Nico and Hedge (even though they don know it). canada goose jacket uk

canada goose outlet store near me After the fight with Gaea is over and they are slapped back to CHB they have to fight the rest of the war and they are exhausted. The pain that washes over them when they think they lost Leo is unbearable because if they had the stone then they could see him. canada goose outlet store near me

canada goose outlet trillium parka black The real stone was actually in the crown/helmet of the Athena Parthenos. The stone Gaea was directing them to was also an illusion. Arachne was given the real stone in because Gaea assumed that even if Annabeth retrieved the statue she would never know the Resurrection Stone was in the crown. canada goose outlet trillium parka black

It a week later that they find out. Percy is flying Blackjack and Jason is with him. They encircle the Athena Parthenos when the light catches the stone.

canada goose outlet black friday It was the Fates design for them to find it and Jason pulls it out easily (the crown real gem underneath). He confused until the stone out to him and he sees a quick shimmering image of Beryl Grace canada goose outlet toronto factory before dropping it in shock and fear. canada goose outlet black friday

canada goose outlet us Percy and Jason debate on taking it to Chiron before they call the rest of the Seven (minus Leo), Nico and Reyna. Taking it to a secluded part of the forest overlooking the beach, canada goose outlet canada with baited breaths they test it. canada goose outlet us

canada goose outlet ottawa They seen the stone enough in their dreams to realize what it is. Jason goes first since he was the one who found it. (He protests weakly that someone else should use it before him but he really wants to go first) canada goose outlet ottawa.

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