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The mandate is against them. He however rejected any suggestion the party would engage in horse trading. It has deployed the Assam strongman and a key Northeast strategist, Himanta Biswa Sarma, to stitch up alliances.. Turmoil has come to seem chronic at Chapel Hill. The director of athletics and football coach were forced out in 2011. A year later chancellor Holden Thorp, a proud graduate and strong believer in the school’s traditions, felt compelled to resign.

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Awami Workers Party Thursday held a protest demonstration in front of the Lahore Press Club to condemn the Federal and Sindh government criminal negligence that contributed to the loss of dozens of lives from the ongoing heatwave in Karachi.The party said death toll from the heatwave had now reportedly crossed 1,000 and there were no signs that further loss could be avoided. It said that the ruling parties could not escape responsibility for the tragedy by explaining it as a natural or unavoidable occurrence.It said the loss of lives was a Designer Replica Bags direct result of the poor governance practices in the past and lamented that the current federal and provincial administrations were continuing with the same practices including privatisation of basic public services like water and electricity.AWP general secretary Farooq Tariq said the government had sown the seeds of the tragedy decades ago with the transfer Replica Handbags of Karachi electricity supply infrastructure to a private company. Electricity and other basic amenities are human rights.

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