In June of 2004 when our son drowned in Lakelse Lake the


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moncler outlet In the late 1980’s I was designing and installing small hydroelectric systems. In May of 1989 I prepared a response to BC Hydro’s very first Request For Proposals for Electricity Supply and Load Displacement for projects greater than 5 megawatts We tendered 3 projects in the Squamish, Sechelt and Indian Arm regions of the South Coast. During the same period my company constructed a large installation at the north end of Harrison Lake for a VSE Trading Company at a location called Port Douglas. In 1988 I also prepared a proposal for the Federal Government to provide a Hydroelectric Plant for the community of Kyuquot on Vancouver Island. moncler outlet

cheap moncler sale During this period I became aware of the value of the installation of a Hydro facility for creating electricity as a intense degree of corporate espionage was levelled at my business and my suppliers. It became readily apparent that individuals and corporations would try almost any tactic and would spend huge sums of money to discover what I was up to and how I could carry out my projects at such a low cost. I stopped doing these projects after I felt my life was threatened and after the VSE trading company took me for $136,000. It was a time of learning. My younger brother cheap moncler outlet stated “Merv, you were playing hardball before you knew the rules to softball.” Gregg has always been an insightful brother. cheap moncler sale

In Terrace I stir up the dirt. I am relatively new here and haven’t been in a real business since the power generation company I formed in the late 80’s. I swore I would never do it again. I suppose I forgot the lessons I learnt 15 years ago. So here I am doing the very best I can at doing my job, which is reporting. Digging up the stories that need to be exposed. Well obviously I have been bothering somebody real good because today, Friday, October 31, I put out my garbage at around 9 in the morning and when I went out to work on cheap moncler jackets sale my lady’s car at 9:30 the bag I had set down beside the pail was gone. I looked up and down the street and saw everyone else’s garbage still there, no bears or dogs were about and then I noticed the lid of our can had been dislodged slightly. I took the lid off and found the bag inside had been opened and checked. It was kitchen garbage so it was left. The bag on the curb that was taken had office paper garbage Cheap Moncler Jackets in it. Wouldn’t have even been attractive to a bear or dog. So who wanted the paper garbage from my office. Who did we disturb so much that they want to know more about me and would stoop so low as to steal our garbage.

cheap moncler I currently live in an upscale part of Terrace with businessmen and local politicians for neighbours and near the end of a dead end street moncler outlet jackets so it had to be someone relatively close. I recently attended the cheap moncler Townhall forum where politicians meet and greet. I spoke openly about my concerns about not being included in the all candidates forum to be held here in Terrace. I suggested that some might be concerned that I might ask difficult questions like; why did Terrace City Council pay Roger Harris about $50,000 each year since he was voted out of Provincial office? I claim he was a lobbyist and the City administration and current elected Councillors participated in this deception by having him paid through his company, Bayview Falling. cheap moncler

moncler outlet online But then last Thursday during the Open House at Nechako NorthCoast in Terrace Sara Zimmerman from Saz Communications, the moderator of the forum, expressed her position that we were not an accredited media outlet but that we could attend as any other citizen. I explained that we attended more political meetings, RDKS and City than any other Media organization have more first hand independent knowledge of the affairs of the candidates. Apparently you have to pay money and join a club to get newspaper accreditation. I explained that we refuse to join any club to maintain independence and besides we are a website. She advised me to speak to Rod at the Standard, a Black Press Newspaper if I still wished to join the forum Media Panel. I went to see Rod Link. Long and short of that meeting was is our show moncler outlet sale and you can’t come No matter that they invited CFNR, the moncler outlet local Radio, Astral Media, the local TV, and themselves, the local Black Press newspaper, our web based news service and community paper is excluded. I expressed the offensive manner that this delivered to the community and left politely, shaking his hand. moncler outlet online

moncler mens jackets I recently wrote a piece where a local City Councillor, Brian Downie, expressed his displeasure with our reporting on newsworthy events. When we explained that the material we used, which offened him so much, was taken cheap moncler jackets directly from CTV’s website, he exclaimed loudly, “We can’t control them!” moncler mens jackets

So who was it that stole my office garbage to dig up some dirt on me? Was it Black Press? They seem to be scared of me if they won’t even acknowledge us for a political forum. Was it some of Roger Harris’s cronies or the Liberal Party for attempting to expose his undisclosed lobbying payoff? Was someone in the City Administration informed? cheap moncler coats They wrote the cheques every month. Or was it the City Councillor that lives down the street.

moncler outlet sale It’s my fault really. I should shred everything. Should have never forgotten that the greed for the dollar, corruption and criminality knows no boundaries. I posed the questions in that previous article, who is the “we” and whom else do the we “control”? I guess if they can dig up enough dirt to embarrass me or find some little fault, they think they might control me too. Or shut me up. Terrace citizens, think globally, act locally, kick the present administration and all those associated with it out. If we can’t do it in our small town how can we moncler factory outlet do it anywhere?A sampling of the Terrace City Cheque register every media outlet receives along with all councillors for Council meetings. No one can claim ignorance. Ridler on 16th November 2008 moncler outlet sale

I would trust Merv reporting skills over some other reporter’s skills. In June of 2004 when our son drowned in Lakelse Lake the Terrace Standard reported on what happened. Their account was totally wrong. They never asked our permission or gave us a moncler outlet store chance to give the correct story. Instead they published their account and we as a family had to relive this horrible event by telling everyone what really happened. They did put in a correction that we had a hard time to find in the corner somewhere in the newspaper.

The other newspaper at the time did report the story moncler outlet online at the time but, they had the guts to call us in and reprint there story in our words. It was placed on the front page in a very visible place. I still have a hard time believing that getting a story out in any paper regarding the death of anyone is not important enough to report accurately. Hopefully this reporter never has to lose a child or anyone else in his or her family. Then has to tell everyone who they meet the right story.

monlcer down jackets I know Merv may not be perfect but he is open and willing to listen to everyone’s story and doesn just publish crap that sells the paper. monlcer down jackets

cheap moncler coats Life is short and it is important to have an open mind and as a person, choose to make the choices to that make us better people. Its easy to be mean and critical which I guess I am doing a bit of but, really we can all choose what we read and don Lets just all try a little better to make this world a better place because we are just here for a short time and we don control that. cheap moncler coats

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moncler sale Comment by Graeme Atwater on 7th November 2008 moncler sale

You should be proud Merv. You hit celebrity status. The only people that have their garbage stolen are the likes of Paris Hilton, George Clooney, and Sarah Palin. I know this is a serious subject but, would somebody please steal my garbage? These damn Nazi garbagemen and their two bag limits. Merv may be a little out there at times but at least he makes you think and discuss what he has written about. I hear more people talking about what moncler jackets outlet they have read on this site than what they may read in the paper. That is what I moncler sale like about this site. THINK people, don just accept what is written anywhere as the truth. Find out more information on your own from other sources. Learn more about what is going on around you, ask questions.

moncler outlet store The great thing about Merv is that he asks the questions some of us have asked or would like to. Not all questions have easy answers and some questions can be downright nasty or even unfair but they are still important for how else will anyone learn what the really is. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler jackets If you don like what he has written don read it or do something yourself with your degree K Petho. Stop jumping up and down on Merv simply because you feel you know better what credible journalism is. There are those of us who like the fact that he makes us think and find out more about what is going on around us cheap moncler jackets.

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