It is, you realise, as cheap moncler outlet your days in court

Why didn’t anyone ask where Sheena was

CBI Prosecutor Bharat Badami was quarreling as usual with Pasbola over semantics, shooting out mischievous glances each time he moncler outlet succeeded in irking the lawyer who would in return tell him to keep silent.

cheap moncler Peter Mukerjea was still wearing his court appearance white and khaki and looked maybe more woebegone. cheap moncler

Indrani, for a woman quite alone, except for her lawyers, and charged with the gruesome murder of her daughter, who, if found guilty, could spend her life in prison, looked jaunty as ever, her eyes often snapped in amusement at the events happening around her. And to her.

buy moncler jackets Writing about the accused in moncler jacket sale a murder is not about glorifying them, as it might seem. It is, you realise, as cheap moncler outlet your days in court accumulate, more about gaining understanding of human nature. Unravelling it moncler sale if possible. buy moncler jackets

moncler outlet Who is this woman who could allegedly brutally murder her own daughter and afterwards, as Rai claimed, moncler outlet store ‘sat on her head’? Can a mother ever do that? Can she be considered evil till the facts are in place? moncler outlet

You need to find that out with your own eyes, utilising whatever reporting skills you might have.

cheap moncler sale Till proven guilty she is not yet The Mother Who Murdered Her Own Daughter. cheap moncler sale

More seasoned court reporters, covering trial moncler outlet uk upon trial, and seeing cheap moncler coats any number of the guilty up close, are no better equipped to recognise guilt in the faces of the accused.

cheap moncler jackets How can they? Do the accused seem any different from yourself? They are people who laugh, smile and look sad or miserable like us, again, till proven guilty. cheap moncler jackets

moncler sale So what had changed then in the 21 days I was away? moncler sale

My colleague Savera R Someshwar, who covered the appearances in my absence, called me long distance to ask if Rai, the crucial Accused No 3 turned approver, was always in the habit of “questioning the question” tossing the question back at Pasbola during the cross examination.

cheap moncler coats Rai actually seemed to have gotten quite comfortable in his three feet by three feet witness box, as if it was his private, pocket sized stage, attempting to dislodge Badami from his showman perch. cheap moncler coats

He is no longer that timid mouse. Or looking that hunted anymore. He has grown claws in my absence.

cheap moncler outlet While he Moncler Outlet was already in the habit of making Pasbola repeat a question occasionally, before, on Monday, he was doing it with much more frequency. cheap moncler outlet

Sometimes rudely. Or angrily, his eyes flashing.

moncler outlet store Rai’s questions about the questions were accompanied by a wide range of gestures, smiles, laughs, and little speeches, almost as if he was poking fun at the ridiculous nature of the question. moncler outlet store

moncler outlet online While replying he stubbornly answered the way he preferred, refusing to be dislodged from his ghoom phir ke (roundabout) answering path, even if Pasbola bellowed. moncler outlet online

When pressed to it, and there was no moncler outlet sale hope of escaping with his often ludicrous “yaad nahin”, Rai resorted now to long sessions of himself talking to himself, while everyone looked on stupefied, wondering if the heat was getting to them.

moncler outlet sale He starts calculating things on his fingers, as if doing a tough sum. Or counts, muttering. moncler outlet sale

moncler sale outlet Else he makes little soundless soliloquys, extravagantly eyeing the ceiling, leading Pasbola and Peter’s lawyer Shrikant Shivade to sometimes steal a glance, faintly bemused, at each other. moncler sale outlet

monlcer down jackets Special CBI Judge Jayendra Chandrasen Jagdale was now patiently playing a much larger role in helping Pasbola coax an answer out of Rai, moncler jackets outlet no matter how vague, perhaps to speed the trial along. monlcer down jackets

Over and over the judge rejigged a question for Rai’s sake as if he was helping someone severely mentally challenged. “Samay puch rahein hai (he is asking the time)”, Judge Jagdale would say, pointing to a watch “like for instance it is 4 o';clock now”, smiling, his moustache bristling.

His humour is subtle moncler factory outlet and elegant.

Sometimes while dictating the answer to the poker faced lady court stenographer, who sits in front of a large screen to his left, the judge had already assumed that Rai “cannot recollect” before Rai could say it himself.

At which point Pasbola would ask very politely, but pointedly confused, cocking a brow, “But sir what did he say?”.

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