My point exactly; the public can’t rely on the protection of


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Merv Ritchie

It appears that the final chapter of the extremely controversial and devisive power sales agreement between Alcan and BC Hydro has reached a conclusion.

In their report issued today, January 29, 2007, the BC Utilities Commission has determined that the agreement titled 2007 should be accepted cheap moncler jackets sale as it is written. It is this agreement that permits Alcan to sell electricity from its power generation facilities to BC Hydro without providing assurances that it will maintain the smelter or complete the planned modernization of the aluminum smelter at Kitimat.

The Commission determined that the intervenors did not present an alternative scenerio that would increase the probability of the modernization moncler outlet jackets going ahead. The objectives were to obtain the best possible deal for BC Hydro and its ratepayers and to ensure moncler jackets outlet the concerns raised by the Commission in the LTEPA+ Decision were dealt with. The Commission accepts the general conclusion, if not the specific results, of the cost effectiveness analysis of BC Hydro; that is, the 2007 EPA is cost effective, and is in the public interest. The Commission has concerns regarding BC Hydro’s treatment of transmission costs in estimating its avoided costs, its approach to estimating capacity benefits arising from the 2007 EPA, its estimate of average energy production at Kemano, its weighting of different price scenarios, and its justification and analysis of exchange cheap moncler outlet rates. Alternative assumptions have the potential to reduce the net benefits of the 2007 EPA. However, the Commission concludes the net benefits to ratepayers, calculated by comparing the cost of the 2007 EPA to other resource alternatives, are still positive under most reasonable scenarios, and likely range from approximately $65 million to $120 million under the EIA gas price forecast.

moncler outlet The Commission concludes that the opportunity costs of the seller are both within its jurisdiction to consider and are particularly relevant to the determination of the public interest where a contract is reached through bilateral negotiations rather than competitive processes, such as the 2007 EPA. The Commission finds the value of the 2007 EPA lies between BC Hydro’s expected avoided costs and Alcan’s opportunity costs. moncler outlet

moncler outlet store Some Intervenors, including the CAW, BCOAPO and the DoK, are of the view that the 2007 EPA should not be accepted without further assurance, if not a commitment, that Alcan will proceed with the Modernization Project. The Commission concludes that the decision as to whether or not to proceed with the Modernization Project rests with the Board of Directors of Rio Tinto. The evidence of Alcan suggests the Modernization Project is more likely to be completed with acceptance of the 2007 EPA than any of the alternatives proposed by Intervenors. In these circumstances, the Commission cannot 127conclude that the 2007 EPA is either at the expense of, or to the benefit of, the Modernization Project. moncler outlet store

buy moncler jackets For the same reason, the Commission Panel cannot conclude that acceptance of the 2007 EPA cheap moncler coats has probable economic effects on Kitimat or the surrounding communities. The Commission concludes that it should accept the 2007 EPA because it is cost effective and, while the Modernization Project is in the public interest, the Commission finds no reasonable alternative to acceptance of the 2007 EPA that would increase the probability that Alcan will proceed with the Modernization Project. buy moncler moncler jacket sale jackets

Who are you really Ian?

cheap moncler jackets Comment by Moncler Outlet Helmut Giesbrecht on moncler outlet 22nd February 2008 cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler outlet ironic is it that a former NDP premier of this province now works for one of the provinces greatest capitalists? Hmm ponder that one my friend. cheap moncler outlet

I wonder what left wing employer you would expect Glen Clark to work for when he has to support his family. I suspect you always ask you employer which political party they support. Right!

Alcan wins this battle. I want to know who you really are so that ten years from now when the 500 jobs lost don materialize, I can remind you of this little discussion. I notice you are not in the phone book. So who are you really??

Well Helmut.

cheap moncler Comment by Ian Struan on 10th February 2008 cheap moncler

Well Helmut, I guess in your own way you are agreeing with my challenge to your earlier statement on “relying on the protection of government”. My point exactly; the public can’t rely on the protection of government because they are “self serving” and do what ever is required to moncler outlet store get elected.

cheap moncler sale Both NDP and Liberals are less than desirable but in BC we only have two parties, the left and the right. Obviously being a former member of the NDP government of the day you will twist which ever way you can to defend your moncler factory outlet former regime including slamming the current government. cheap moncler sale

How ironic is it that a former NDP moncler outlet sale premier of this province now works for one of the provinces greatest capitalists? Hmm ponder that one my friend.

Now my immediate concern Kitimat. We have a council that just will not take no for an answer. You talk about the intent of the original agreement. The council and your position is obviously different from the legal interpretation yet you still cling onto your arguments despite the interpretations of the courts. Are you saying the court system is the judicial lackeys of government in our country?

The DoK has been to court four times, three of which the answer has been the same and one currently under appeal. At what time will the DoK council and their supporters call it a day and work towards seeing the modernized smelter through?

moncler outlet sale It would seem to me this council would be more effective if they were to help ensure the future of Kitimat. They should now become part of the solution rather than continuing to be the problem. Companies invest to make money, that is their role. I admit the reduction of 500 jobs is tragic but that is a fact of life. Technology reduces manpower. Other companies have done this and life moves on. moncler outlet sale

monlcer down jackets Why is this such a huge problem in Kitimat? I have no doubt the new smelter will create other spin off economic development if only the DoK would come on board and do their job which is to promote the region for economic development. monlcer down jackets

moncler sale outlet It would be nice but the DoK council only continues to challenge and publicly blackball the company that created Kitimat. Where was the DoK when Methanex shut down their operations, nary a peep came from them. moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet online There is much at stake here. Alcan’s Kitimat operation contributes some 8% of the total GDP of the province. The smelter also pays in excess of 10 million dollars annually to the local tax roll. My point is that it is time for moncler outlet online the DoK to lick their wounds and move on. They put up a good fight only cost us over 3 million taxpayer dollars fighting what they believed in. The legal system disagrees so why continue? moncler outlet online

On a final note while it is fine to quote the Globe moncler sale and Mail, I wouldn’t exactly use them as a reliable source to justify your comments. They have the ability to twist a story rather negatively. May I remind you of the article and video done on the decay of Kitimat. Amusingly, they did not show any of the good things that we had in this town but then what did we expect when Lord Hall was directly involved? And the clever boy thought we didn’t know.

moncler mens jackets It’s time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on and I believe the people moncler sale outlet of Kitimat are starting to realize that too moncler mens jackets.

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